ABARTH 1000 Zagato Record (1960)


Year: 1960

Body: COUPE’

Colour: RED

Condition: PRESERVED


Kw/Hp: 55/75

CC.: 1.000

Km: 20.000



Abarth 1000 Zagato Record Monza Ex Trivellato Passato Sportivo

It is one of the Turin coupes built in a limited number of specimens to fall into the category of sports prototypes. In this case, the line is the work of the original hand of Carrozzeria Zagato. The first of the 750 was presented in 1956, using as a basis one of the most common cars of the time: the Fiat 600. Zagato had customized the outfit and Abarth had everything underneath it: from the engine to the brakes, to the however, to intervene on the chassis of the Fiat 600. The result was a small road “bomb” capable of surprising sports performance, considering the starting point.

Thanks to the increase in bore and stroke, the engine went from 633 cc of the Fiat 600 to 747 cc of the Abarth version, followed by the modification of numerous other components, with the final result of increasing the maximum power from 23 to 44 hp at 6,000 rpm and bring the maximum speed to 153 km / h, a practically record.

In this case, the model in question, built in 1960, belongs instead to the evolution of the first model for which an engine with a cylinder head designed directly by Abarth was introduced which brought the maximum power to up to the threshold of 70 HP, thanks also to the insertion of the double overhead camshaft, hence the name of “Bialbero” and the displacement increased to 1 lt. Equipped in this way, the small 750 Bialbero gave a hard time even to cars with the most generous airspace.
This glorious berlinetta, which still shows the signs of time and competitions, has had most of its career dedicated to racing uphill.
The intake manifold with the double weber carburettors are typical of the Veneto Trivellato tuner.
After passing hands between well-known drivers as emerges from the chronological document of the Automobile Club Italia, in particular Stelis and Pinchetti in 1962 and subsequently the driver Galasso in 1964, it then belonged to the Sicilian Abarth collector Rosario Musumeci.
Today it is preserved, with the signs of time, ready for a conservative restoration, very complete.

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