FORD B V8 Roadster *ASI-FIVA-1000 Miglia El. (1933)


Year: 1933


Colour: RED

Condition: EXCELLENT


Kw/Hp: 56/76

cc: 3.800

Km: 1.200



The Ford V8 is a high-end car produced between 1932 and 1938 by the US car manufacturer FORD USA for
The US market but also the French, derived directly from the Ford V8 marketed in the USA.
This model represented the top of the range of the Ford of the thirties. The first Ford V8s destined for the French market were practically what overseas were known as "Model B". In fact, we must not think of the Ford V8 as a car designed only for the French or US market but as an extremely modern global vehicle for the period.
They were large, comfortable and comfortable cars, sedans and convertibles, equipped with a powerful 3,800 cc V8 engine. The distribution is with lateral valves moved by a central camshaft and powered by a single-body carburetor. The maximum power of over 75 hp. A value that ensures considerable drive torque right from the lowest revs with excellent running elasticity. The robust and reliable manual gearbox guarantees a top speed of over 120km per hour.

The model we are offering you, with an important sporting curriculum, including numerous participations in the 1000 Miglia, is ASI Targa Oro and FIVA approved.
It is well maintained, mechanically excellent. In fact, numerous machining and mechanical improvements have been carried out to make it performing and reliable (bushings replacement, crankshaft adjustment, new camshaft, oversized carburetor, new clutch, etc.)
Only 1,200 km have been covered since the last major engine rise.
There are also numerous spare parts (including a complete gearbox, original front bench backrest, complete rear seats "of the mother-in-law", wheel cups, side windows, etc.). Car ready for any test, can be registered and well accepted at every major international ASI and FIVA event including Mille Miglia, Peking to Paris etc.

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