Triumph TR2 *ASI – FIVA – 1000 Miglia El. (1954)


Year: 1954


Colour: WHITE

Condition: EXCELLENT


Kw/Hp: 66/90

cc: 1.991

Km: 71.384



The TR2 was designed to compete with sports cars and to replace the underpowered Triumph Roadster that had become obsolete. For these reasons, John Black, president of the Triumph owner group, decided to start the design of a new prototype with a 2.0-liter engine that was presented in 1952 at the London auto show.
Only a year later the evolution of the prototype was ready, developed by the pilot Richardson, called TR2. The new car had larger dimensions, and was equipped with renewed mechanics. Richardson's long refinement work and the successful line meant that at its debut (1953) the new roadster was received with enthusiasm, especially in America. The first TR2s were characterized by the so-called narrow mouth and long door (small mouth, long door), that is, by the small recessed mask and by the doors that extended to the lower part of the sill. Subsequently, after the first 1000 units produced, the so-called small mouth, short door model was introduced, that is, always with the same small recessed grille, but with shorter doors. In 1955 the TR2 was replaced by the later TR3.

This specimen has undergone a meticulous and precise total restoration by a top national Triumph expert, fully documented with a photo book. It comes in its original "old english white" with red leatherette interior.
Complete with soft top and tonneau cover.
Mechanically very neat and reliable, with documented and known history since it was delivered to the first owner in 1954, the ambassador of the United States of America in Rome; in the seventies it went to Friuli for about ten years and returned at the end of the 70s in the hands of the Emilian owner who has kept it up to the present day, taking care of its details and restoration. Well-documented car, known and appreciated in the “Triumph world”, ready for any major event. ASI Targa Oro and FIVA approval with international A3 classification.
Eligible for 1000 Miglia, where it has already participated in several editions.

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